Interactive storytelling
Let events happen when you see them. Make story changes for each audience.
Eye sight trigger
Draw trigger area, let eye sight trigger key event, visual FX, scene transition, music, etc...
Network story structure
Dynamic storylines, create personalized immersive VR narrative experience.
One click publish
Zero coding, publish VR content to all major VR platform in one click.
Keep coming...
Press Reports

Photon Interactive was founded in late 2015 in Beijing, China. We are a tech company providing engine service for VR interactive content-development teams, with our pilot product Photon Engine specializing in VR interactive film creation.

We have developed our VR-specific narrative approaches: prioritized are the aim to enhance immersive experiences for viewing and dedication to interactive approaches that suit audiences’ innate viewing habits.

As a result, we have created a series of innovative tools that are effective, user-friendly and low cost. We wish to tap on the creativity and imagination from all artists and welcome you to upload the work you created to all VR content platforms.

As a small team with top engineers, we have secured several patents for our ‘dynamic editing’ technology. We will continue investing in the field of VR interactive content creation and be the industry leader around the world with our cutting-edge technologies.